8 Surprising ways that Young Living is changing my life!

8 Surprising ways that Young Living is changing my life!

Hi friends!!! This post today is to sum up the adventure that was Oil Drops 1-7 🙂  While all of that information is true of all essential oil, I’m sure you got the undertones of Young Living in there.  That’s my brand and I trust them, but that’s a discussion for another day.  I first ordered my essential oils for probably the same reasons that anyone else would.  A more natural option, to help with issues, to avoid antibiotics, to give me tools to help my family, you know all the popular ones.  I was skeptical at best that the essential oils would even impact those general wants.  From my heart, I want to tell you, that I was COMPLETELY UNAWARE of just how many ways these oils would impact me.  The ways are surprising and not at all what I was looking for when I joined with Young Living, but I am so glad they found me.

1.  FREEDOM:  I have the tools in my home to immediately remedy or support any unwanted issue in my house.  My first thought is not a trip to the ER or scheduling a doctor’s appointment.  There are no late night trips to Walgreens for some crazy systemic medication that’s not even safe until my kid is 4 or 6.  I have the first line defenses for literally any medical ailment that surprises us.

2.  RECONNECTING WITH OLD FRIENDS:  I started sharing what I was doing on Facebook.  Moving around so much (and growing up in general) has turned some of my good friends into loose acquaintances.  Sad.  But one thing we all have in common is sickness, stress, and children!  Friends that I haven’t spoken to in years are chatting with me all into the night about their most personal struggles.  We’ve reconnected again.  And it’s all because of essential oils and how they are so freaking awesome at making things better.

3.  NEW FRIENDS:  Young Living is a team, or even very much like a family.  As a business we support each other.  As oilers, we support each other’s learning.  As friends, we support each other’s struggles.  I have gained such a great friend and inspirational leader in my Young Living sponsor.  She is my biggest supporter and is always encouraging and teaching me.  I have made beautiful friendships with women that I sponsor as I give them all the same support and encouragement that I receive.  And it doesn’t end with oils, they are with me on every thing!

4.  PURPOSE:  I am a Master’s prepared RN who was a charge nurse in a long-term care facility and educator at a local college.  Last summer I had a second baby and we moved to Fort Bragg, NC.  Literally overnight, I went from professional to stay-at-home-mom.  While this is a beautiful thing that I am grateful for, I struggled to find a sense of purpose in my every day life.  Now I’m a leaner, an educator, a mentor, a blogger!, and a business woman! Young Living is that sense of purpose that I had been searching for after the move. It is SO rewarding to hear friend after friend find relief in their struggles because I got essential oils into their homes!

5.  FINANCES:  When you get your starter kit, you just hope and pray that it will work and that you didn’t just throw away a bunch of money.  Turning that kit into a business is not even on the brain.  But after about 7 months of oil successes, I just HAD to get this into as many lives as I could. I started to pursue the business even though it was scary as hell.  In two months I gained 30 new members and started making real money.  Not just some pocket change, but real money.  I’m contributing oils to people’s lives and contributing financially to my family again…. and DAMN does that feel good!

6. CONFIDENCE:  I’m so so shy.  It’s by nature, I blame my mom.  When I hosted my first Facebook oil event, I was terrified.  Scared of failure, scared of the unknown, shy to put myself out there.  My palms were sweaty and heart was racing the whole time. But it turned out awesome! I had a huge turnout, lots of participation, and got eight new members from one weekend FB event. Maybe I should give myself more credit? Maybe everyone doesn’t think I’m the huge silly ass that I think I am? Now I’ve done a second, equally successful, Facebook event and am in the process of turning it into an ebook so others could reproduce the success. Angela, circa four months ago, would never have had the guts to do any of this! 🙂

  1. GOALS: When this whole business thing started, I had no idea what to expect. I still don’t, honestly. But you know what? I’m trying like hell to be a success. I love essential oils so much that I honestly feel a need to get them into everyone’s lives. More than that, I have never functioned in business before in my life… much less a marketing business! Nursing is nothing like all of this! This is a totally new road and that’s exciting. You know if you don’t give 110% to your goals, your goals will never come to you. I give this my all, have TONS of fun, focus always on the essential oils, and set goals for myself. I set them. And I smash them. It’s how we work. HOO– freaking – AH!!!
  1. RESPONSIBILITY: This is a two-fold change in my life. The organization that I have created is called Oils & Us. The organization depends on me to survive. I have a responsibility to care for it. Oils & Us is filled with people that I care about that look to me (and each other) for responsible and knowledgeable oil information. Many times they’re asking for their children. Essential Oils are powerful and I have a responsibility that each person under me knows exactly how to use them safely. That’s a pretty big responsibility that grows with each new member! I actually kind of thrive on this part… it brings out the nurse in me. Loving to care for and be responsible for the health of those entrusted to me.

Being a part of Young Living continues to bring such great and amazing things to my life every day.  The decision to join has been such a positive decision.  My only regret is waiting so long to do it! I look forward to what the future still holds in this adventure and life change so much!!! How about you!?

If you are interested in learning more about my group Oils & Us, you can read about it –> Here! Oils & Us!

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Oil Drop 7:  Perspecitive and PRICE (dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!)

Oil Drop 7: Perspecitive and PRICE (dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!)

Hi everybody!!! And welcome back to the last post in the really fun learning series about essential oils.  You are all really savvy with your oil knowledge by now! And since you’re still reading these, you’ve developed some curiosity! I bet you’ve even been to my Young Living website (or thought about it!) And if you’re like me, the first thought was…. Wow. Price. More than I expected! Why are they so much more money than the oils at my local health store or from other companies such as Eden’s Garden, Plant Therapy, NOW, etc.?

Well remember when we talked about the meaninglessness of words such as 100% pure, therapeutic grade, “our oils are the best,” etc, etc. And remember when we talked about the lack of a governing body in the US over the production of essential oils, and the importance of the Process? Well those are real things! And they reflect in the price.

Consider something else that reflects in price too: The enormous amount of plant material in each bottle. Here’s some examples. 27 square feet of lavender in each bottle of Lavender, 75 lemons in each bottle of Lemon, one pound of peppermint material to make one bottle of Peppermint, 5,000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of Rose EO (can you even fathom what 5,000 POUNDS of rose petals looks like!?), and Frankincense is made from resin that’s leached out of a tree in the Middle East and scraped off by hand. These stats are incredible and even difficult to wrap a brain around.

***Let’s break down an example: I can buy 10ml of Frankincense from Eden’s Garden (EG) for $8.95. Young Living will sell you 15ml for more like $94. Or I can buy a bottle of EG Lavender 10ml for $6.20 versus YL Lavender 15ml for $30.

***Let’s think critically about what we now know to understand this price gap:

Frankincense – A Boswellia tree (carteri or sacra) is grown in Somalia and Oman. A cut is made in the bark in which a resin comes out. Kind of like Maple Syrup! The resin is harvested by hand and then distilled into essential oil. It is then rigorously tested and sealed on site and sent to you. That’s some serious hard work. If you are buying Frankincense cheaper than I’m buying my maple syrup, then there’s a problem!! I don’t know what’s in that inexpensive bottle, but I CAN tell you what’s NOT in that bottle. And nobody has to tell you the truth either because there is no governing body over EO production in the US. This is tough for a consumer because it requires you to do research and not fall prey to convincing words. And not fall prey to our desires to save $$.

Lavender – 27 sq ft of lavender is in every single 15ml bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil. It is grown organically, harvested, distilled and rigorously tested on site before being sealed and sent to you. If you are offered all of that in a 10ml bottle for $6.20, you should be skeptical. Does common sense tell you that that is even possible?

***GET THIS: Statistics show that one company — Procter & Gamble — uses two times the amount of essential oils than are actually produced IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. And according to the Lavender Growers Association, 100 times more “lavender oil” was exported from France than is actually grown there. SAY. WHAT?

***What the heck are we missing as consumers?

*Secret ways to cut costs: Multiple distillations, Solvent Extraction, CO2 extraction, the addition of things like propylene glycol or SD 40, DEP, and DOT to increase volume. None of these are particularly dangerous or toxic, but they are not essential oil and don’t belong in the bottle! Your company does not have to tell you that they do or use any of these things, so why would they? They want your business. But since you are so savvy, you know for sure that a true bottle of Lavender or Frankincense or whatever oil you’re looking at…. Will not come at the price of $6-$10 a bottle. You might be better off with the synthetic products you’re looking to replace… at least you know what’s in there!

*Things that increase cost: Besides the things that we already know (SEED, CULTIVATE, DISTILL), there is the TEST. Third party independent testing costs money. This testing is really necessary to keep a company honest. Also, Gas Chromatography: Special testing to see what compounds are actually present in an EO (or what is NOT present lol). This is expensive too since you need a professional who can do the testing as well as the equipment.

***Disclaimer: I’m not trying to tell you what to do or what to use. I just want you to use your heads as the careful and curious consumers that you are. If you want to dabble with some oils, then by all means go cheap. If you want to use oils for benefits for you and your family, then you need to exercise due diligence, common sense, and get the actual essential oil.

Thank you, sincerely, for being here with me through this series. Education and heart are two things that will really make oiling a success for you! Without those two things, you won’t see the results that you are looking for, you might not even exert the effort to use them at all, and you may even do more harm than good.

These are the kind of things that we talk about every day in Oils & Us (Read about Oils & Us here!). We’re always learning and sharing. If you think you’d have some fun in a group like this, we would love to have you! We’re more than doubling as a group every month and it’s for GOOD reason! Keep an eye out for the summary post of this learning series. Beyond the obvious oily changes, Young Living has completely turned my world upside down in so many surprising and wonderful ways. We just might have a lot in common 🙂 See you all next time!


Oil Drop #6:  Ingesting Essential Oils.  Yah or Nah?

Oil Drop #6: Ingesting Essential Oils. Yah or Nah?

Hi Everybody!!! and welcome back to our fun learning series about essential oils!! 🙂  This post is all about some general thoughts regarding essential oil INGESTION.

Ingestion is the third way to use oils and it is the hottest topic (like be careful engaging in any sort of debate about ingestion because somebody will definitely get burned).  It is also the topic where Young Living as a company takes the most heat.  When you opened this post, I know you want to hear a definitive answer.  Should I ingest? Yes or no? Yah or Nah?  Unfortunately, that’s really a personal decision.  Only you can make that call.  But here are some thoughts while you wrestle with the idea:

*Ingesting essential oils boils down to personal decision based off of knowledge of your specific health situation, your trust in your essential oil brand, and a healthy knowledge and respect for the specific EO that you’re ingesting.  The list below summarizes all of the controversial points about essential oil ingestion.  The points are taken from every case study, research article, and blog (yes sometimes I read blogs, although taking the info with a grain of salt… yes, I realize this is also a blog lol) on the subject:

1.  The market saturation of essential oils – Much of the essential oil market is selling EOs at very inexpensive prices.  Everybody trying to cash in on the oil craze!  But through this series so far you’ve learned why HIGH quality essential oil is important and so buying extremely cheap oils is a bad idea…..  Ingesting cheap oils is an even worse idea.  Since so many people buy these cheaper “essential oils” on the market, which are dangerous to ingest, it’s generally safer to just discourage ingesting all together.

2.  Case studies where severe harm came to someone who ingested an EO – NOT ALL essential oils are safe for consumption (even high quality oils!).   And even the ones that are certified GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA carry risks.  A safe oil that is overused or misused becomes very UNsafe.  This is the case of every single one of the case studies:  The subjects all consumed bad oils or inappropriate amounts of EO which lead to a variety of severe outcomes like acute liver failure due to toxicity, loss of consciousness, and more.

3.  Lack of knowledge about Essential Oils as consumers – An example:  One bottle of lemon EO has 75 concentrated lemons in it. “I can’t put that inside my body, the acid will eat me my organs alive” (I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this and then began banging my head into every wall in my house!).  Lemon EO is not acidic.  It’s alkaline (ph of 9.9).  This means that it will actually normalize your acid levels not exacerbate them.  Did you know that even REAL lemon JUICE becomes alkaline once it’s in your body? Yep!  So to compare lemon essential oil to lemon juice AND THEN to infer danger based on a total disregard of knowledge AND THEN to scare other people about its ingestion AND THEN to write off an entire company over the issue…. Is just ludacris.(I hope you followed that massive run on sentence.)

4.  Lack of scientific research – Essential oils is an emerging field.  The science is just not that broadly developed yet.  The lack of scientific research into long term effects can be cause for concern for many people.  On the bright side, much research that we DO have shows ingestion to be a beneficial route in many situations.

5.  Pinterest – Pinterest is known as an awesome resource to find an essential oil recipe for just about everything.  But you can’t just follow it blindly!  What’s your health condition?  What medications are YOU taking? Will that grapefruit EO interact with them?  And then the typos!! I’ve seen Pinterest recipes that call for 20 drops of something when they really meant 2 drops.  That’s a dangerous mistake that I could’ve made if I didn’t know any better. See number 3.

Ok so there’s some of the main points, but there are many more.  Bottom line… ingest only when you have a healthy knowledge and respect for what you are doing.  And if you are going to research the topic…. DO NOT GET YOUR KNOWLEDGE FROM A BLOG!  (Again, yes, I realize this too is a blog). Blogs are a great place to start, but don’t make your decision based on something that someone blogged about.  Go to published research articles before deciding one way or another.

What do I do?  I do ingest on occasion.  It’s not daily, but I do do it.  Truth be told, I personally turn to inhalation or topical application first and that’s just my personal preference.  I’m not scared of ingestion and I don’t think you should be either 🙂 Where do you land in the ingestion discussion??

Thanks for being here with me for all this fun learning!!!!  One more oil drop to go:  Potency, Perspective, and Price!

Here’s my website if you need more learning while you wait for the next oil drop 🙂 –> Here!

Oil Drop 5: Topical Application!

Oil Drop 5: Topical Application!

Hi Friends!!!  Welcome to Oil Drop number 5 in this fun learning series! 🙂  If you’ve found yourself looking to Pinterest for oil knowledge recently, then you already know the second most favorite way to use essential oils: TOPICALLY!

***Topical Application: Essentials oils are placed onto the skin where they are absorbed through the dermis, into the epidermis, and finally through our capillaries and into our bloodstreams. It’s also believed that essential oils are small enough to pass through pores and hair follicles as well.
The most favorite ways to apply topically is to make concoctions! Through these recipes we can mix the oils that we like best, create infinite products out of what we already own, and safely dilute the oils at the same time!! We mix our essentials oils one drop at a time into:

Coconut oil mixes, body scrubs, Epsom salt baths, on-the-go rollers, and on and on!

***How to make a mix? A general rule of thumb is to mix ONE DROP of your essential oil per ONE TEASPOON of carrier oil. What’s a carrier oil? Check out that graphic below! Do you already have one in your house?

***Neat Application? In some instances, oilers like to apply their EO neat (meaning without being mixed with a carrier oil). You shouldn’t do this until you know how your skin will react with an EO AND EVEN THEN don’t do it unless it’s warranted. Studies show that EO is absorbed better when attached to a carrier oil anyways, since lipid solubility is the only way stuff gets through the dermis. Some rare instances where I DO use neat application are spot treating a blemish or using peppermint on my wrist for an energy boost.

***Where do you apply it? You should apply it where you need it! For a headache, you should apply to the head where it hurts. For a cough, it should be applied to the chest. For knee pain, apply to the knee and so on. You will also hear to apply to the bottom of the feet due to the large number of pores there. This is a hot topic, so let’s quickly investigate it!

The Great Foot Debate!: There IS some resistance to the effectiveness of EO absorption through our feet. It comes from our science buffs. Some say that the pores and hair follicles are one-way streets for sweat and oils, soooooo EO can’t be absorbed through them. Also, the bottom of the foot has the thickest skin on the body… SO if the pores are a no-go and the skin absorption is a no-go, then the Apply to Feet theory is a no-go. A study put a guy’s feet in alcohol and then tested his blood alcohol level after certain amounts of time. There was never any alcohol absorbed by the guy’s feet to be found in his blood. EO is not alcohol, but this study is enough to cast some doubt on the whole theory. Another study showed lavender within the blood after 30 minutes of topical foot application, BUT the researcher did not take measures to occlude the subject’s sense of smell. So, this positive study was deemed inconclusive. The choice is yours. Personally? I do feet AND the area that I need it… Covered on all fronts!

***WIN WIN: Every time you apply an EO topically, some of it is released into the air (EO is volatile, remember?). So you get whatever EO makes its way through the skin and into the blood PLUS the effects of inhaled aroma. Win Win!! See graphic number two below to see some of the ways essential oils get used topically in my house.

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Ready to learn more? Check out My Website! 🙂  Do you like the way I do essential oils?  Consider joining my team… here’s a post about Oils & Us and why it’s the perfect place for you to achieve all your oily dreams.  Read it Here 🙂

Thank you SINCERELY for being here!  I appreciate it more than I could type into words ❤ See you at our next Oil Drop!

Oil Drop #4:  The Aroma in Aromatherapy!

Oil Drop #4: The Aroma in Aromatherapy!

Oil Drop of the Day #4

Hi Everybody!! At this point in the series, you know what essential oils are, how they work, and the importance of using a great quality oil. You may have checked out Young Living’s Website after learning about Seed to Seal . And I bet I know what’s on your mind: After I decide to try the essential oil lifestyle… how do I exactly go about using them? 😉  Let’s start answering this by looking at the most popular way we love to use Aromatherapy… the Aroma!

***When inhaling an essential oil, it will take about 20 seconds for it to reach your brain and only about 20 minutes to affect every cell in your body. That’s quick work and quick relief!

Did you know? Your olfactory nerve directly speaks to your brain via your amygdala (where emotions connect with smell) and your hippocampus (where smell connects with your memories). No wonder an aroma has so much influence on our moods!

Introducing!!!!: The Diffuser!!! There are many types of diffusers. I’m sure you all have had a Scentsy warmer or Glade plug-in. These heat methods are great for delicious scents, but we’re talking therapy here! We want our noses UNstuffed, our chests Uncongested, and to be Unawake at night! We want our odors annihilated not just covered up! We want to kill airborne pathogens! We want focus, meditation, calm, energy, and happiness! If that’s what you’re want, than you’re looking for an Ultrasonic Diffuser!

***Ultrasonic Diffuser: Uses electronic frequencies to cause a small disk under the surface of a liquid (usually water) to vibrate very fast. These vibrations break the oil up into tiny micro-particles, dispersing the oil into the air within a fine mist. These particles directly communicate with the brain like we discussed earlier AND then they are easily absorbed by the lungs for a therapeutic effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t have a diffuser? Here’s some other ways to inhale: Straight from the bottle, add a drop to your palm and cup around your nose and mouth while breathing deeply, rubbing a drop on your pillow case, rub a drop on a stuffed animal, add a drop to a cotton ball placed in a stinky area, add some drops to boiling water and inhale the steam, put a drop in your diffuser necklace (new and super cool!), add a drop on your wrist and smell, rub a drop on the collar of your shirt, put a little on your finger and swipe under your nose, add a drop to a clothespin and attach to your car heater/air condition….. many ways to get creative and use the inhalation method! Your imagination is the only limit!

In the picture below, I am suffering from hellish allergies and breathing in the mist from my diffuser (Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint). Was easily doing Pilates 20 minute later and was allergy free the rest of the day!


I hope your enjoying this Fun little series on Essential Oil basics 🙂  Topics on the way include Topical Application, A summary of the Ingestion debate, Potency&Perspective, and Price!  If you want to join the Facebook event that corresponds to this series, please join us!  Or if you’re reading this and it’s over you can certainly read through it 🙂

11056955_10100258777270608_1991710608_nAn Oily Weekend II

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Thanks for being here, it means SO FREAKING much to me!!!! See you next time!