Oil Drop #6:  Ingesting Essential Oils.  Yah or Nah?

Oil Drop #6: Ingesting Essential Oils. Yah or Nah?

Hi Everybody!!! and welcome back to our fun learning series about essential oils!! 🙂  This post is all about some general thoughts regarding essential oil INGESTION.

Ingestion is the third way to use oils and it is the hottest topic (like be careful engaging in any sort of debate about ingestion because somebody will definitely get burned).  It is also the topic where Young Living as a company takes the most heat.  When you opened this post, I know you want to hear a definitive answer.  Should I ingest? Yes or no? Yah or Nah?  Unfortunately, that’s really a personal decision.  Only you can make that call.  But here are some thoughts while you wrestle with the idea:

*Ingesting essential oils boils down to personal decision based off of knowledge of your specific health situation, your trust in your essential oil brand, and a healthy knowledge and respect for the specific EO that you’re ingesting.  The list below summarizes all of the controversial points about essential oil ingestion.  The points are taken from every case study, research article, and blog (yes sometimes I read blogs, although taking the info with a grain of salt… yes, I realize this is also a blog lol) on the subject:

1.  The market saturation of essential oils – Much of the essential oil market is selling EOs at very inexpensive prices.  Everybody trying to cash in on the oil craze!  But through this series so far you’ve learned why HIGH quality essential oil is important and so buying extremely cheap oils is a bad idea…..  Ingesting cheap oils is an even worse idea.  Since so many people buy these cheaper “essential oils” on the market, which are dangerous to ingest, it’s generally safer to just discourage ingesting all together.

2.  Case studies where severe harm came to someone who ingested an EO – NOT ALL essential oils are safe for consumption (even high quality oils!).   And even the ones that are certified GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA carry risks.  A safe oil that is overused or misused becomes very UNsafe.  This is the case of every single one of the case studies:  The subjects all consumed bad oils or inappropriate amounts of EO which lead to a variety of severe outcomes like acute liver failure due to toxicity, loss of consciousness, and more.

3.  Lack of knowledge about Essential Oils as consumers – An example:  One bottle of lemon EO has 75 concentrated lemons in it. “I can’t put that inside my body, the acid will eat me my organs alive” (I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this and then began banging my head into every wall in my house!).  Lemon EO is not acidic.  It’s alkaline (ph of 9.9).  This means that it will actually normalize your acid levels not exacerbate them.  Did you know that even REAL lemon JUICE becomes alkaline once it’s in your body? Yep!  So to compare lemon essential oil to lemon juice AND THEN to infer danger based on a total disregard of knowledge AND THEN to scare other people about its ingestion AND THEN to write off an entire company over the issue…. Is just ludacris.(I hope you followed that massive run on sentence.)

4.  Lack of scientific research – Essential oils is an emerging field.  The science is just not that broadly developed yet.  The lack of scientific research into long term effects can be cause for concern for many people.  On the bright side, much research that we DO have shows ingestion to be a beneficial route in many situations.

5.  Pinterest – Pinterest is known as an awesome resource to find an essential oil recipe for just about everything.  But you can’t just follow it blindly!  What’s your health condition?  What medications are YOU taking? Will that grapefruit EO interact with them?  And then the typos!! I’ve seen Pinterest recipes that call for 20 drops of something when they really meant 2 drops.  That’s a dangerous mistake that I could’ve made if I didn’t know any better. See number 3.

Ok so there’s some of the main points, but there are many more.  Bottom line… ingest only when you have a healthy knowledge and respect for what you are doing.  And if you are going to research the topic…. DO NOT GET YOUR KNOWLEDGE FROM A BLOG!  (Again, yes, I realize this too is a blog). Blogs are a great place to start, but don’t make your decision based on something that someone blogged about.  Go to published research articles before deciding one way or another.

What do I do?  I do ingest on occasion.  It’s not daily, but I do do it.  Truth be told, I personally turn to inhalation or topical application first and that’s just my personal preference.  I’m not scared of ingestion and I don’t think you should be either 🙂 Where do you land in the ingestion discussion??

Thanks for being here with me for all this fun learning!!!!  One more oil drop to go:  Potency, Perspective, and Price!

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