Celebrating Saint Patty’s like a Boss!

Celebrating Saint Patty’s like a Boss!

Hi guys!! In case you’re new to this blog (heck I’m new to this blog lol), I have some personal goals:  two of which are to make friends in NC and to make every holiday special for my kids.  This day totally rocked for both of those!  I had been seeing my friends on Facebook (who actually have a lot of friends) doing cool little kid “parties.”  Instead of being insanely jealous of their awesomeness like the old me would have, I let it inspire me.  So I planned this St. Patty’s day celebration and invited some great girls and their kids.  It. Was. Awesome!  These two ideas could easily interchange for other holidays or random get-togethers:  ART and COLORFUL FOOD! lol winners for kids!

So the art piece first.  Pinterest had some great little hand print ideas for Saint Pat’s that would be so cute to make in a group.  We had seven kiddos at this party and these canvases were THREE for $3.50 at Walmart.  Score!

20150317_095839[1]      20150317_124540[1]     FB_IMG_1426618013496[1]

And then we did rainbow food for ya know… the rainbow to the whole pot of gold thing that has become a sign of Saint Patrick’s Day.  I used a silver cupcake liner and put the kids names on the bottom.  We filled that with Captain Crunch cereal as the gold!  Then I just colored the bottoms of other green cupcake liners with the colors of the rainbow.  The kids filled the liners with the appropriate colored food.. which they totally were into!!! and then they ate it all up!! BONUS:  I dumped all the leftovers into a big bowl and we’ve been eating fruit salad all week lol 🙂

20150317_130121[1]     20150317_130450[1]     20150317_130936[1]

As fun as this was, you know all that entertaining, paint, food, kids, and mess what a huge stress for me… so of course I was diffusing in the background.  Joy and Peppermint 🙂  Every whiff reminded me to calm down and have fun!

20150318_095612[1]     20150317_130504[1]

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us! I hope you’re inspired to conquer your next celebration like a BOSS!!! 🙂