Fruit and Veggie Pizzas = Simple Sides Dishes!

Fruit and Veggie Pizzas = Simple Sides Dishes!

Hi Friends!!  We live in on-post housing on Fort Bragg and our house is pretty small.  Because of this we pretty much always attend BBQs and parties at other people’s houses.  I never get to be in charge of the easy part and get the hot dogs and buns…  We ALWAYS have to bring the sides!  There is the easy route with some chips and salsa or tubbed potato salad… but c’mon… I apparently thrive on chaos and busy-ness.  We always have to make something creative.  These pizzas we made today for our Easter celebration were a huge hit! Super inventive (well the fruit one was inventive at least), super easy, and we brought something that showed that we care 🙂  Let’s make pizza!


  1.  Pillsbury thin crust pizza crust in a tube
  2.  12 oz tub of cream cheese
  3.  1 packet of dry Hidden Valley Ranch mix
  4.  Whatever veggies you currently have in your fridge or that you enjoy (what I found in my fridge for our pizza was a half a cucumber, two carrots, sweet red and yellow peppers.)

To prepare:

Grease a baking sheet and roll out your thin crust.  Bake according to directions, but the Pillsbury is 18 minutes at 400 degrees.  Let it cool.  While it’s cooling, mix the cream cheese and ranch mix together.  Spread the ranch “sauce” all over your cooled crust going all the way to the edges.  Dice your veggies of choice into small cubes and sprinkle them evenly over the pizza.  Refrigerate until ready to serve and then cut into squares with a pizza cutter!


  1. One can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
  2. One tub of whipped cream cheese (we chose mixed berry flavor because I didn’t have any berries going on the pizza).
  3.  Whatever fruit you have in your kitchen or that you enjoy (what I found was an apple, a pineapple, and some cuties).


To prepare:

Grease a baking sheet and roll out your cinnamon rolls.  Ok so I asked my husband to get a crust for the fruit pizza and this is what he came up with.  It was kind of a pain in the neck to roll them all together, but the result was totally delicious.  I’m glad I toughed that part out!  Bake them according to directions, but the Pillsbury ones will bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  let it cool.  While it’s cooling, dice up your fruit real small.  If you choose an apple or other fruit that turns brown make sure to toss it in a little lemon juice.  If you use oranges or pineapple or other real wet fruit, make sure to wick off the extra moisture with a paper towel like this:


If you don’t do this, your pizza might get a bit soupy!  Spread your cream cheese on the cinnamon roll crust and cover evenly with your fruits!

Here’s some more yummy pics!

20150404_121627[1] 20150404_140944[1]


We will definitely be making these again! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Thanks for being here 🙂