Oil Drop 2:  How do essential oils work?

Oil Drop 2: How do essential oils work?

Hi everyone!!! After reading Oil Drop Number 1, I know that you are an expert on what essential oils are!  So here, let’s talk about how they work! Here are some great facts and an analogy to bring it all together! Here we go:

*Essential Oils are SO small that they can quickly pass through the tissues of the skin.

* ONE DROP of EO contains enough molecules to cover every cell in your body with 40,000 molecules!

*AND essential oils are lipid soluble so they can even pass through those 40,000 cell’s walls! That’s right! Antibiotics can’t even do that!

*Remember all the properties that each constituent brings to an essential oil? Those get to work right in the cells! Killing bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, infections, microbes, and even mutated cancer cells! Breaking up mucous in the chest, decreasing acid in the stomach, relieving pain at the site, clearing that rash on contact! The list is ever long…

*Those oils high in sesquiterpenes (you know this now!) can even pass through the blood brain barrier. We’re talking help for awful things like Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, and Dementia!

*Essential Oils don’t have to work just in the body either, OOOHH NO! They work right in the air around you! Removing toxins before you even breathe them in, inhibiting bacterial growth in your environment, destroying odors, increasing available oxygen, and smelling OH SO GOOD!

***Consider this analogy from our boy infested Lego-loving home:

Essential oils do NOT cure, and don’t claim to. They DO support your body’s natural processes. Ok, so Parker just got a new Lego castle set called “Kick this Congestion.” The kit came with all the pieces, but Parker’s own body will do all of the building of this set. To build the “Kick this Congestion” castle, Parker will need 5 square blocks. His kit shorted him two of those blocks and he is hating life!! Really, really suffering! Luckily for Parker, he knows that by putting essential oils like Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, and Thieves into his diffuser he will receive the anti-inflammatory and decongestant blocks he needs to complete his “Kick this Congestion” castle.  Now everyone is happy again! 🙂

Great! And now that you know how essential oils work in the body, you can probably guess where we’re going next: The importance of using an essential oil that is pure, unadulterated, and of the highest quality possible. I mean, these things are coating and entering every cell in your body. That, plus you are trusting the oils to do a pretty important job for you.  In Oil Drop Number 3 we will wade through all the marketing shenanigans in the EO industry and figure out how we know we’re getting the best essential oil there is.

Have a Happy and Blessed Day!!!

If you can’t wait for Oil Drop 3, you can learn much more at my website —> HERE!

How to Jumpstart your Young Living Business!!!

How to Jumpstart your Young Living Business!!!

Hi everyone!! My name is Angela and this is my very first blog post.  I feel compelled to write it because of something that I did…. that worked!!!  If you are here, then you already have an interest in Young Living Essential Oils in some form.  I don’t know where you are in your personal journey, but here’s where I was:  I got my premium starter kit.  Fell in love with the oils. Started sharing what I was doing on Facebook. A couple friends and family signed up under me and WWWHHOOOOAAAA… I got a commission check in the mail!! It wasn’t very much, but dang it felt good!  So I started thinking Hey! maybe I can do this whole business thing!  Oils are so great, they basically sell themselves right? Ummm.. sort of… not really.  I got so many questions and so much interest, but nobody pulled the trigger.  Nobody was buying a kit! What do you do next!?

Well recently I had been to a couple Facebook parties for Jamberry and Perfectly Posh and the like… and they were really fun!  A bunch of people came together at a certain time… all online… and talked products! and it was so fun and interactive!  So I decided to throw a Young Living Facebook event, the likes of which had never been seen before… never been seen before because I was making it up as I went lol Well it’s been just two weeks since that event and I have had 8 sign ups under me.  Tripled my tiny downline. Sold over $1000 in products.  And it’s only midmonth! Soooo… here’s how to do it!   🙂

1.  Choose a weekend for your event.  I chose 6-8pm on a Friday and Saturday night.  On Friday we talked about oils for Health.  On Saturday we talked about oils for Home and Happiness.

2.  Starting one week before your event start posting one post about essential oils each day.  What they are, how they work, how to use them, current events, exciting studies, what a diffuser is, whatever topic you like! The point here is to increase interest, build trust in your knowledge, and have all of your guests on the same learning page when your event starts.

3.  Open your party with a giveaway instead of a traditional roll call.  I gave away Tangerine, for example.  I posted a picture of Tangerine and all it’s benefits.  People had to comment with “hi!” or “I want it!” Giveaways always pique interest!  Winner to be announced to close the event for the night!

4.  Post an oil with all its info, a picture and a personal story every ten minutes or so.  Limit the oils you discuss to those included in the starter kit.  This will make the kit seem like the best choice (obviously it IS the best choice, but that might get skewed if you are raving about oils that don’t come in it).

5.  Have your guests like the post if they like that oil and comment with their current favorite use or future way they’d love to use it!

6.  Never talk about selling or buying or money unless specifically asked.  You are sharing oil knowledge and building trust as a YL authority.  Nobody likes to be sold to.  I hate selling…but LOVE to share 🙂

7.  Make yourself available after the event for personal inquiries.  Use Sunday to informally post about oils not included in the kit. Also use Sunday to post about the benefits of membership and how to join!  Send out lots and lots of thank you posts! 🙂

That’s it!! If you want to look at my event, you can check it out here: An Oily Weekend!!

And if you’re looking for a team to join, I’d love to have you on mine!  We can throw your Facebook YLEO party together!  Thank you all for reading this and good luck on your oily journey!!

Join me with the purchase of your premium starter kit here!!:  Join My Team!