From SECRET to CLOSED! Yay!!!

Hi Oily friends and followers!!!! We just decided to change our Facebook group for Oils and Us from Secret to Closed!!! This means that we can now invite our friends and anyone interested in learning about essential oils into our discussion.  The group used to be secret and the only members were those who bought a starter kit and enrolled through the group.  I realize that it takes a lot of learning and a high level of comfort in order to make that huge jump into ordering your starter kit.  The life change really is pretty big!  I also found myself up late at night giggling with the group about using vodka in our recipes or sleeping in mini cribs with our tired babies.  I wished that all of our other friends could be in on our fun and togetherness even though they hadn’t committed to a Young Living membership yet.  So we made the change!

As our name says, we are invested in each other’s health, essential oil knowledge, oil success, and overall well-being! We are all old or new friends after all :).  Each new member will still have to be approved.  The group will ALWAYS remain a safe place where only friends come to grow and learn with each other.  Essential Oils will remain our primary focus.  The group will never be public.

So if you want to join in on the conversation, ask your questions, gain the support and momentum you need, or even quietly observe while you decide…. Just click Join.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!  See you there 🙂

Click to visit our group and Join the conversation!


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