The BEST DIY lip balm with essential oils!!

Hi friends!!! Recently my mom and Aunt came to see us for my son’s 5th birthday (Party in the Park! Great, cheap birthday party idea…blog about that coming next!).  I recently got both of them to fall in love with my essential oils, so I knew they would LOVE making these lip balms! My aunt really enjoyed it, especially choosing which oils we were going to pair together.  We chose Peppermint & Orange, Grapefruit & Lemon, and we made 5 Purification sticks to treat cold sores and such.  It was our first time making these so we weren’t expecting stellar results… but SHOOT!!! These are great!  I gave some to my friends at Easter and they can’t stop talking about how much they rock.  If you’re looking for a great recipe… trust me… this one is it!  You can just use my combinations as a reference, but choose which oils you like best!

What you need:  (I bought all my stuff off of Amazon except for the EOs).

  1. 3T Beeswax
  2.  2T Coconut Oil
  3.  1T Shea Butter
  4.  20 empty lip balm tubes (save yourself the hassel of reading reviews on a million different empty tubes like these.   These ones are perfect, cheap, and they do not leak.  They’re clear so you can see how much you have left and you can dress them up with some cheap Target washi tape later)
  5.  10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  6.  10 drops Orange Essential Oil

These ingredients will make 20 tubes.  So if you want to make 10 tubes of one mix and 10 tubes of another blend, then just half the recipe.  That’s what we did! We had five tubes left over so those became our Purification treatment sticks.

What to do:

Add your beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter to a double boiler.  When it is completely melted, add in your essential oils and stir.  Use a syringe (a kids medicine dropper works great!) to transfer the mix from the double boiler to the lip balm tubes.  Fill to the top and place the cap on.  Let cool on the counter for 30 minutes and then transfer to the refrigerator for 30 minutes.  Then use, enjoy, and share!

NOTE:  We halved this recipe so we only used 5 drops of each essential oil.  If you’re doing a citrus blend like we did, I would suggest keeping the drops at 10 and 10.  Ours was pretty weak in flavor and I think its just because the citruses aren’t as strong as the peppermint per se.


You can mark the lids with sharpie and/or dress them up with some Washi tape.  That was my attempt lol I never claimed to be perfect! But it was good enough for my family and friends who just like getting free stuff 🙂

Clean up note:  Do not just stick your empty oil bowl in the sink and try to wash it.  It will be a mess.  When the bowl is warm, wipe it out thoroughly with a paper towel.  Then wash it in the sink…. a lesson I learned the hard way!

I hope you enjoy these as much as me and my friends are! Even my son Parker has claimed one as his own 🙂  Thanks for being here! Follow my group Oils & Us on Facebook to see what else we’re up to. And as always, we’d love for you to join us! Sign up HERE! with your premium starter kit and don’t forget to ask about this month’s incentives! We’re always giving something away so don’t miss it! 🙂  Happy Oiling!


ME! ❤

6 thoughts on “The BEST DIY lip balm with essential oils!!

    • I prefer to use Young Living essential oils and you can get them through their website at Since these are just chapsticks for fun, you can totally use a lower grade EO and you can find those at any local health food store, like The Apple Crate here in NC. If you choose to get Young Living my member number is 1962577 and I’d appreciate if you’d enter that 🙂 Thanks!


  1. I made lip balms using Bergamot and Tangerine. I’m having my first 101 class in my home and so excited to share your lip balm. What a great way to share! Will also be trying peppermint and Lavender, and lavender and Frank. Thank you so much for sharing!


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