Free Educational Event! Spring Allergies, Illness, and Stress!!

Hi Everybody!! My YL organization, Oils & Us, has challenged itself to provide one educational activity every month.  They won’t always be attendable events, but his first one is!!! The topics for this first activity came straight from the members and I’m sure you’ll agree that they are relevant for this time of year!  For just an hour, we’ll be learning about Springtime Allergies, Illnesses, Cuts & Scrapes, and Stress.  You already know about each of those, so we’re going to tell you specifically how you can use essential oils to make these things better!! 🙂  The event will be April 14th, 2015 from 8:00pm-9:00pm EST.  Once the event is over I will transfer the information to a blog post…. but if you can possibly make it, I would love to see you there!!

Springtime Allergies, Illness, & Stress. A free Facebook learning event!

Follow the link above to join the event.  It’s public, so feel free to invite or share with anyone that you think could benefit as well!

Oils & Us has a tagline.  That line is “Equal Support For Both.”  As an organization we support oils by learning about them and we support each other by sharing what we know.  We love our essential oils and are on a mission to change other peoples’ lives in the same great ways that ours have changed! If you want to follow Oils & Us before deciding if it’s for you, I recently made a fan page! (apparently you have to have a fan page in order to promote an event on Facebook…oh the things I’m learning!)

Check out what Oils & Us is up to and give it a “like” 🙂


Hope to see you all at the event and let’s chat on the FB page! Thanks for being here!!


Me :)!

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