8 Surprising ways that Young Living is changing my life!

Hi friends!!! This post today is to sum up the adventure that was Oil Drops 1-7 🙂  While all of that information is true of all essential oil, I’m sure you got the undertones of Young Living in there.  That’s my brand and I trust them, but that’s a discussion for another day.  I first ordered my essential oils for probably the same reasons that anyone else would.  A more natural option, to help with issues, to avoid antibiotics, to give me tools to help my family, you know all the popular ones.  I was skeptical at best that the essential oils would even impact those general wants.  From my heart, I want to tell you, that I was COMPLETELY UNAWARE of just how many ways these oils would impact me.  The ways are surprising and not at all what I was looking for when I joined with Young Living, but I am so glad they found me.

1.  FREEDOM:  I have the tools in my home to immediately remedy or support any unwanted issue in my house.  My first thought is not a trip to the ER or scheduling a doctor’s appointment.  There are no late night trips to Walgreens for some crazy systemic medication that’s not even safe until my kid is 4 or 6.  I have the first line defenses for literally any medical ailment that surprises us.

2.  RECONNECTING WITH OLD FRIENDS:  I started sharing what I was doing on Facebook.  Moving around so much (and growing up in general) has turned some of my good friends into loose acquaintances.  Sad.  But one thing we all have in common is sickness, stress, and children!  Friends that I haven’t spoken to in years are chatting with me all into the night about their most personal struggles.  We’ve reconnected again.  And it’s all because of essential oils and how they are so freaking awesome at making things better.

3.  NEW FRIENDS:  Young Living is a team, or even very much like a family.  As a business we support each other.  As oilers, we support each other’s learning.  As friends, we support each other’s struggles.  I have gained such a great friend and inspirational leader in my Young Living sponsor.  She is my biggest supporter and is always encouraging and teaching me.  I have made beautiful friendships with women that I sponsor as I give them all the same support and encouragement that I receive.  And it doesn’t end with oils, they are with me on every thing!

4.  PURPOSE:  I am a Master’s prepared RN who was a charge nurse in a long-term care facility and educator at a local college.  Last summer I had a second baby and we moved to Fort Bragg, NC.  Literally overnight, I went from professional to stay-at-home-mom.  While this is a beautiful thing that I am grateful for, I struggled to find a sense of purpose in my every day life.  Now I’m a leaner, an educator, a mentor, a blogger!, and a business woman! Young Living is that sense of purpose that I had been searching for after the move. It is SO rewarding to hear friend after friend find relief in their struggles because I got essential oils into their homes!

5.  FINANCES:  When you get your starter kit, you just hope and pray that it will work and that you didn’t just throw away a bunch of money.  Turning that kit into a business is not even on the brain.  But after about 7 months of oil successes, I just HAD to get this into as many lives as I could. I started to pursue the business even though it was scary as hell.  In two months I gained 30 new members and started making real money.  Not just some pocket change, but real money.  I’m contributing oils to people’s lives and contributing financially to my family again…. and DAMN does that feel good!

6. CONFIDENCE:  I’m so so shy.  It’s by nature, I blame my mom.  When I hosted my first Facebook oil event, I was terrified.  Scared of failure, scared of the unknown, shy to put myself out there.  My palms were sweaty and heart was racing the whole time. But it turned out awesome! I had a huge turnout, lots of participation, and got eight new members from one weekend FB event. Maybe I should give myself more credit? Maybe everyone doesn’t think I’m the huge silly ass that I think I am? Now I’ve done a second, equally successful, Facebook event and am in the process of turning it into an ebook so others could reproduce the success. Angela, circa four months ago, would never have had the guts to do any of this! 🙂

  1. GOALS: When this whole business thing started, I had no idea what to expect. I still don’t, honestly. But you know what? I’m trying like hell to be a success. I love essential oils so much that I honestly feel a need to get them into everyone’s lives. More than that, I have never functioned in business before in my life… much less a marketing business! Nursing is nothing like all of this! This is a totally new road and that’s exciting. You know if you don’t give 110% to your goals, your goals will never come to you. I give this my all, have TONS of fun, focus always on the essential oils, and set goals for myself. I set them. And I smash them. It’s how we work. HOO– freaking – AH!!!
  1. RESPONSIBILITY: This is a two-fold change in my life. The organization that I have created is called Oils & Us. The organization depends on me to survive. I have a responsibility to care for it. Oils & Us is filled with people that I care about that look to me (and each other) for responsible and knowledgeable oil information. Many times they’re asking for their children. Essential Oils are powerful and I have a responsibility that each person under me knows exactly how to use them safely. That’s a pretty big responsibility that grows with each new member! I actually kind of thrive on this part… it brings out the nurse in me. Loving to care for and be responsible for the health of those entrusted to me.

Being a part of Young Living continues to bring such great and amazing things to my life every day.  The decision to join has been such a positive decision.  My only regret is waiting so long to do it! I look forward to what the future still holds in this adventure and life change so much!!! How about you!?

If you are interested in learning more about my group Oils & Us, you can read about it –> Here! Oils & Us!

and if you are ready to start changing your life with Young Living, me, and Oils & Us… join us with your premium starter kit —> Join Here!


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