Oil Drop 5: Topical Application!

Hi Friends!!!  Welcome to Oil Drop number 5 in this fun learning series! 🙂  If you’ve found yourself looking to Pinterest for oil knowledge recently, then you already know the second most favorite way to use essential oils: TOPICALLY!

***Topical Application: Essentials oils are placed onto the skin where they are absorbed through the dermis, into the epidermis, and finally through our capillaries and into our bloodstreams. It’s also believed that essential oils are small enough to pass through pores and hair follicles as well.
The most favorite ways to apply topically is to make concoctions! Through these recipes we can mix the oils that we like best, create infinite products out of what we already own, and safely dilute the oils at the same time!! We mix our essentials oils one drop at a time into:

Coconut oil mixes, body scrubs, Epsom salt baths, on-the-go rollers, and on and on!

***How to make a mix? A general rule of thumb is to mix ONE DROP of your essential oil per ONE TEASPOON of carrier oil. What’s a carrier oil? Check out that graphic below! Do you already have one in your house?

***Neat Application? In some instances, oilers like to apply their EO neat (meaning without being mixed with a carrier oil). You shouldn’t do this until you know how your skin will react with an EO AND EVEN THEN don’t do it unless it’s warranted. Studies show that EO is absorbed better when attached to a carrier oil anyways, since lipid solubility is the only way stuff gets through the dermis. Some rare instances where I DO use neat application are spot treating a blemish or using peppermint on my wrist for an energy boost.

***Where do you apply it? You should apply it where you need it! For a headache, you should apply to the head where it hurts. For a cough, it should be applied to the chest. For knee pain, apply to the knee and so on. You will also hear to apply to the bottom of the feet due to the large number of pores there. This is a hot topic, so let’s quickly investigate it!

The Great Foot Debate!: There IS some resistance to the effectiveness of EO absorption through our feet. It comes from our science buffs. Some say that the pores and hair follicles are one-way streets for sweat and oils, soooooo EO can’t be absorbed through them. Also, the bottom of the foot has the thickest skin on the body… SO if the pores are a no-go and the skin absorption is a no-go, then the Apply to Feet theory is a no-go. A study put a guy’s feet in alcohol and then tested his blood alcohol level after certain amounts of time. There was never any alcohol absorbed by the guy’s feet to be found in his blood. EO is not alcohol, but this study is enough to cast some doubt on the whole theory. Another study showed lavender within the blood after 30 minutes of topical foot application, BUT the researcher did not take measures to occlude the subject’s sense of smell. So, this positive study was deemed inconclusive. The choice is yours. Personally? I do feet AND the area that I need it… Covered on all fronts!

***WIN WIN: Every time you apply an EO topically, some of it is released into the air (EO is volatile, remember?). So you get whatever EO makes its way through the skin and into the blood PLUS the effects of inhaled aroma. Win Win!! See graphic number two below to see some of the ways essential oils get used topically in my house.

0280333c5741a0ef9841ef4621f1df35     20150125_174638


Ready to learn more? Check out My Website! 🙂  Do you like the way I do essential oils?  Consider joining my team… here’s a post about Oils & Us and why it’s the perfect place for you to achieve all your oily dreams.  Read it Here 🙂

Thank you SINCERELY for being here!  I appreciate it more than I could type into words ❤ See you at our next Oil Drop!

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