Oil Drop #3: Marketing Madness!!

Oil Drop of the Day #3

Welcome to the third installment of this 7 part series!!:  Marketing Madness!!!! There are SO many essential oil companies!! Can you blame them? EOs are super popular, why not try to cash in on that! So grab your goggles people, is time to go swimming through all the propaganda.

*** First Stop: There is NO GOVERNING BODY over essential oils in the U.S. This means that there is NO Universal standard to be met and nobody to answer to. How does this manifest in advertising? Companies can quite literally say and claim anything they want to try to make you buy their oils. Let’s keep swimming…

100% PURE = Consumer sees this and is attracted. Consumer is led to believe that their oil is nothing but the oil they think it is. In reality, 100% PURE means that there are no other oils in it. Lavender essential oil contains no Cedarwood for example. It does NOT mean that there are no other ingredients. It does NOT speak to the quality of the plants used, the detail in the oils’ creation, or the testing done on the final product. Here’s an example. Vanilla extract says 100% pure on the label. The ingredients in vanilla extract are vanilla bean extractives in water, alcohol (35%), and corn syrup. Can we move on in agreement that while 100% pure is good to know, it doesn’t actually mean much of anything? Ok great! Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming…

THERAPEUTIC GRADE = This term (loosely and generally) means that the essential oil is more than just a fragrance and could yield health benefits. Remember though, there is no organization in the U.S. that oversees EOs to make this determination. The term is literally up for grabs. It says nothing about the quality of your oil and does nothing to support the integrity of the manufacturing company. If Michelle distinguished her breast milk as therapeutic grade (which she could) and sold it online, it would totally sell better than any other breast milk…. even though the term was not given to her by anyone and literally means nothing about the quality of her milk. She could be completely addicted to drugs and alcohol and still call her milk therapeutic grade. Are you convinced enough about this term for us to move on? Cool…. pull on your swim cap, let’s keep swimming…

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) = This is nothing more than the trademark slogan of DoTERRA oils to describe their oil production process. Again, no one has certified anything except for the company. It is trademarked, so no other oil in the world can ever possibly achieve the distinction of CPTG. Not even the Frankincense made by an Omani himself (unless he licenses is it to DoTERRA) could be distinguished as CPTG. This is by no means a knock against DoTERRA, it’s simply pointing out marketing with words.

***Consider this ridiculous example of how these terms can be acceptably used:
I bottled Patrick’s drool today! It is 100% PURE in that it does not contain any other person’s drool. It is absolutely wonderful to add moisture to all things dry: faces, hands, even your new dry shirt! These therapeutic qualities cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Patrick is grown organically by a crunchy mama, the drool is procured aseptically and at ten months (the peak of production!). The yield of this incredible process has been trademarked by the Chenevares as a Certified Pure Therapeutic Substance (CPTS). Come and get your 100% PURE, THERAPEUTIC GRADE, CPTS Patrick Drool today!

I sure did make that drool sound good with all that marketing madness, didn’t I? And all those terms are used perfectly legally and correctly too.

***You can trust the company that gives painstaking attention to detail in each of the five steps of oil creation: Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test, and Seal! As well as complete transparency through it all. Did you know that you are encouraged to visit any of Young Living’s farms and distilleries? Yea…they’re open to the public. Having my own Seed to Seal adventure is definitely on my bucket list! Yours too?? 🙂



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