An Oily Weekend II: Learning about Essential Oils!

Hi everybody!! I hosted An Oily Weekend on Facebook back in January and it was a big success.  You may have read my blog post about it:  “How to jumpstart your Young Living Business.”  Well it’s happening again!  That’s right, An Oily Weekend II.  This time our organization has quadrupled in size and new members are ready to start sharing their new love of essential oils with friends.  If you are currently oiling and want to know more about it… or if you are intrigued by the idea of essential oils… this is the place for you!  The main event is this coming Friday and Saturday nights between 8-930pm (March 20th and 21st).  However, daily posts starting tomorrow will start building your basic essential oil knowledge until then.  What they are, what they’re made of, how they’re made, how they work, how to use them, and so much more! If this sounds good to you, come on and join our event! No obligation to buy anything at all, just learn and have fun and maybe win something great!  See you there!

Join Here —> An Oily Weekend II

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