Oils & Us: The perfect essential oil organization for you!

Oils & Us is the explosive Young Living organization that I belong to.  It is made up of experienced oilers, super new oilers, and oilers who are just overall really excited to be a part of Young Living! We are constantly sharing new and inventive ideas, supporting each other in whatever YL road we’re taking, giving things away, and having a lot of fun! This organization is growing really fast and here are some of the reasons why it might be a great fit for you!

  • Oils & Us is led by a Nurse Educator who never gets tired of learning and teaching. You will get a quick response to any question and will never be left behind!
  •  This organization has replicable and proven scripts, classes, and graphics to help you share your new oily love
  • We love to play games, interact as a group, and give things away: like money and oils!
  • Our inviting and responsible group is an asset to you as well as your future business (if that’s your goal, but you never ever have to go that route!)
  • Oily recommendations are always made based on personal experiences of your peers and facts only!
  •  Oils & Us can suggest solutions for nearly any issue using just the oils from the starter kit and maybe a handful of others.  We will never suggest complicated protocols, an overuse of your precious oils, or lots of pricey blends.
  • Oils & Us is exclusive to members so you can feel free to ask questions and participate. You will be heard and taken care of!
  • We try new oils often and review them in our group; Your own personal peer review before you try something new!
  • Oils & Us keeps up with the current events of Young Living so you always feel connected to your company and remember why you trust them.
  • Oils & Us is a safe and friendly place where you can share the personal problems that you are trying to correct with essential oils. All of us are open and non-judgemental. We all want help and we all love to help where we can!
  • With each new member, we make a new friend! And you gain a whole bunch of them!

Oils & Us is always having Teambuilding activities that focus on support of the Oils AND Us! There’s always an opportunity to grow, win, learn, and build!  Are you feeling ready to make the change in your life? Are you ready to let Oils & Us be the ones to support your new life? Because we’re definitely ready for you 🙂

The premium starter kit gets you the eleven oils pictured below, the home diffuser, samples, literature, some ningxia red, and a 24% discount for life! You also become a valued member of Oils & Us, where both Oils and Us are equally supported! 🙂  Join Oils & Us with your premium starter kit HERE!


Need a little more information?  Follow our Fan page on Facebook to see what the organization is up to! Hope to start Oiling with you soon!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Oils & Us: The perfect essential oil organization for you!

  1. All 3 of us have Lyme Disease, and I have read some treatment protocols online that are essential oils (YL). Lyme Disease treatment is not covered by insurance, so this would be a big investment for us, but worth it if it works. Right now we are into the thousands per month for treatment.


    • First of all, I am so sorry to hear this. You guys must be so miserable. Just going off of what you said about treatment, I assume you’re pretty far into the disease and it must be very painful 😦 As far as essential oils go, I have not personally used them for Lyme Disease. However, there are oils that are very effective for pain, swelling, kidney support, and antibiotic action. If you need only a few oils, you can definitely buy them as a retail customer here at http://www.youngliving.org/achenevare. Be sure to take a look at the oils in the starter kit, though. If you are going to be needing several of them, it really is a great investment. You save nearly $150 that way and then you get really good discount when you need to replace something. I wish I had more personal experience to help you, but I promise myself and Oils & Us will support you all in any way we can!

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      • Thank you so much for the information. Yes, my husband and I went undiagnosed for over 10 years (many docs not knowing what was wrong), then my son was diagnosed and has been treating it for 3 years so far. We’re looking for a new way to treat this, because it is getting to be too much to handle at times and we want to be in remission. I will look into the kits. Thanks. 🙂


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