Stop losing sleep over runny noses!

It’s that time of year.  Weather is changing from day to day, hour to hour even… and the effects of that are seen most in our children’s noses! (and if you’re like me, your face is pretty congested too :/).  So a daytime runny nose is gross and annoying. We can deal with that!  But a night time runny nose?? The baby can’t lay flat, the toddler is sniffling non-stop, lack of oxygen wakes them up SO DARN FREQUENTLY, baby can’t use their pacifier, our World. Simply. Sucks.  I’ve made some congestion mixes before and even used a congestion bath (that bath worked great, but who can sleep in the bath?).  But this little combo here has been miraculous.  Not just a one time miracle… the baby has not made a peep until at LEAST 3am, sometimes even 6AM, for the LAST FOUR NIGHTS!  Holy mother of God, what have I stumbled upon.  I believe that the answer to that is R.C.  This is the newest addition to my collection and I wonder why it’s taken so long to come to me lol it’s only like 10 bucks.  Anyways, I put two drops each of Young Living Thieves, Lavender, and R.C. into the diffuser at bedtime and let that puppy run.  When it runs out a few hours later, I’ve been filling it with more plain water.  The thought process here is that maybe the water will pick up some of the residual oils as well as provide some humidification… and background noise too 🙂 Here’s a great visual on my newest beloved R.C.:


If you are having a night-time struggle with runny noses, try this out and see what happens for you!

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Thanks for reading and Happy Oiling!

5 thoughts on “Stop losing sleep over runny noses!

  1. I have been using RC for my boyfriend that has COPD and I can testify it as been a life saver. Today I went over to my Mom’s house who has a terrible cold. I PUT RC in coconut oil about a teaspoon melted and mixed3 drops of RC with it and rubbed it on her chest. I also put some on a towel so she could inhale it. I will check back in the AM to see how she is feeling.


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