Essential Hair Care!!

Hi friends!! Have you ever done one of those coconut oil treatments for your hair? They’re so so great… I color A LOT so I was doing those treatments nearly once a week for a long time.  Such great results, but you always have to make the mix, apply it, and walk around with a bag on your head for upwards of an hour.  Ain’t nobody got time for that lol!  Well, fortunately, one of my YL orders was mixed up and I was given Rosemary instead of my Peppermint EO.  Customer service sent me my peppermint quickly and told me to keep the Rosemary.. greatest customer service around 🙂  So what to do with it!  I found out that Rosemary Essential Oil is great for many many things… a jack of all trades! Kind of just like Lavender!  So I added 10 drops to my cheap Suave shampoo and conditioner to see what would happen.  And check out that picture!  My dry, damaged, overly color treated hair (I’m naturally a blonde haha) is shiny, healthy, and smooth!  Just one shower that took the same length of time as any other shower… results looking like I did a full on coconut oil treatment or used an expensive leave-in conditioner!

And Rosemary is only $14… if I hadn’t gotten it on accident, I’d most definitely buy it on it’s own.  And just look at everything else this oil is good for!!


I can’t wait to try out some of those other things, too!!!  If you decide to try some Rosemary in your hair care routine, let us know how you like it!!!

If you want to get some of your own you can snag a bottle here: Rosemary Essential Oil!

And if you are looking into making essential oils a part of your lifestyle, you can join my amazing team of knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced oilers here!  Join Our Team!

Happy Oiling Beautiful Friends!!

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